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Purchasing Industrial Land zoned for Heavy Industry in Malaysia

Purchasing Industrial Land zoned for Heavy Industry in Malaysia

Foreign investors choosing to invest in the correct industrial park permitted for their manufacturing activities in Malaysia is assured that their investment is very well secured. This is because Malaysia is a country governed by Rule of Law and Judiciary system inherited from the British system with Land Laws properly governed under the British Torrens System. A Change of the ruling government in Malaysia does not affect policies adopted to welcome Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Malaysia.

Planned Industrial Park with great accessibility to the Ports via Highways and complemented with complete infrastructure of high voltage stable supply of electricity, water, natural gas and high speed internet connectivity generally sees price appreciation over time. Do check out the article for the research done available at

Industrial land in Malaysia is divided into light, medium or heavy industrial use, taking into account the level of pollution of the different types of manufacturing activities. The article which captures the differences between light, medium and heavy industry is available at

It is important to note that the differences in pricing between medium and heavy industrial land is rather minimal. With assurance of compliance to environmental by-laws especially with greater emphasis placed on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainability concerns of late, the choice of the correct type of industrial land suited for the intended manufacturing activities to be carried out, should be given serious thoughts. Continuity of business activities is top in the list of priorities for every manufacturer cum investor. A manufacturer which is required to be located within a Heavy Industrial area cannot operate in a Light or Medium Industrial Zoned area, or risk being shut down and be subject to constant stiff penalties.

Industrial Land zoned for Heavy Industry is constantly in short supply due to the requirements of the buffer zone distance from the residential area. Opportunity is available now to purchase Heavy Industrial Zone land in a Planned Industrial Park with Freehold tenure which allows the property to be owned in perpetuity.

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