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Based in Malaysia, has been one of the leading and most consulted industrial real estate service providers since its incorporation. Founder of, Joyce Low who is a Chartered Accountant, has helped many manufacturing and logistics companies save millions in cost with her service to match the right property to their needs and requirements. Their team of highly trained industrial real estate agents has the enthusiasm and passion to secure for manufacturers and logistics customers factory or warehouse for sale or to let with the opportunity to enjoy their client’s business success stories. No industrial real estate matter is too complex for Find industrial property for sale and connect with us today!!

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Tenancy/Purchase Decision Making

Up to date Market Knowledge of facilities available together with prevailing price points and cross comparison of facilities allow objective decision making.

Land Purchase or Sale

By understanding your needs and requirements, our team can assist Purchaser or Vendor through the purchase or disposal process including those requiring EPU approvals.

Expansion, Right -Sizing, Short Term Tenancy & Sublet

Tenancy properly thought out from the onset allows for upscaling for expansion needs or overflows as well as Right sizing to incorporate sublet. Let our team assist you.

Built to Suit

Win- win formula for both Landlord and Tenant can be achieved via balancing rental yield for Landlord while fulfilling functionality needs of Tenant.

Cold Storage & Warehouse for Rent

Strategic location of cold storage warehouse for ease of distribution of your frozen and chilled products.

Bonded Warehouse

Use of bonded warehouse to conserve cash flow and defer duty payment.

Other Value Added Services

Our team of reliable service providers and suppliers allow you to focus on running your business


Industrial Property Market Latest News

Find market data and insights on the latest industrial property listings


We have factory for rent and warehouse for rent in Selangor located at Northport, Westport, Kapar, Meru, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Puchong, Petaling Jaya, Telok Panglima Garang, Sepang, Puncak Alam, Rawang, Serendah, Balakong, Bangi and Ampang

We do cover factory for rent and warehouse for rent in Johor, Tanjung Malim, Perak and Labuan, Sabah.

The minimum period warehouse for rent and factory for rent is two years. Shorter term for warehouse for rent can be arranged normally subject to higher rental rate per square feet.

A tenant of warehouse for rent or factory for rent can structure within the tenancy agreement to have the first right of refusal to purchase the warehouse of factory in the event the landlord receives an offer to purchase from a potential buyer.

The tenant of the warehouse for rent or factory for rent’s financial standing is evaluated before the tenancy discussion progresses on.

Normally, the security deposit of 2 to 3 months and utility deposit of 1 month are required to be placed with the landlord and these are fully refundable, at the end of the tenancy of the warehouse for rent or factory for rent.

Financial guarantee in the form of irrevocable bank guarantee can be placed by the tenant with a commercial bank, hence providing comfort to the landlord of the warehouse for rent or factory for rent

Building maintenance for warehouse for rent or factory for rent is the responsibility of the tenant upon the handover of vacant possession.

However, the tenancy of warehouse for rent or factory for rent normally stipulates that the main structure such as roof, beams, trusses and walls are the responsibilities of the landlord.

Industrial land is used for establishing factory or manufacturing plant for manufacturers.

For logistics service providers and e-commerce fulfilment centres, the industrial land is suited for construction of warehouse and distribution centre for e- commerce.

Industrial land can also used as open yard for storage or lorry depoh for haulage service providers.

The best warehouse or factory for sale is one which fulfils the purchasers’ current operation requirements, meets its future growth as well as provides opportunity for capital gains when disposed off or rental income when the purchaser outgrows the warehouse or factory purchased for its own use.

The best warehouse or factory for rent is one that allows for scaling up and/ or down of the warehouse or factory space needs depending on the business requirements of the warehouse or factory tenant.

As there is no perfect warehouse or factory, the criteria that is important will be listed out and given priorities.

Procedures of renting a factory and warehouse

After selection of warehouse or factory for rent, normally the tenant is required to place a one month booking deposit to accompany the Letter of Offer. Upon the Tenancy Agreement is signed, a security deposit which comprises of a minimum of 2 months rental equivalent is paid to the Landlord.

The amount of security deposit requested by Landlord is normally based on the risk assessment and credit standing of Tenant. Once the tenancy agreement is signed, it will be stamped. The stamp duty payable for stamping of Tenancy Agreement is based on the formula as provided in Stamp Act 1949.

Stamp duty on Tenancy Agreement = [(Rental per month x 12) – 2,400] divided by 250. For example for a 3 years tenancy, the stamp duty amount derived is multiplied by 2.

The vacant possession handover is the physical inspection by Tenant, Landlord and real estate agent to record down pre-existing condition of the warehouse or factory for rent on the day of commencement of the rental tenure.

Procedures of buying a factory and warehouse

Upon the selection of warehouse or factory for sale, the Purchaser is required to place a 2% earnest deposit to accompany the Letter of Offer. The Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) is normally signed within 14 or 21 working days from the date of the acceptance of the Offer by the Vendor. The 8% of Purchase Consideration is payable on this point.

Depending on the conditions precedent agreed upon for the warehouse or factory for sale, the balance of 90% of Purchase Consideration is payable within 3 months of the SPA becomes unconditional- that is all conditions precedent are being fulfilled. The common condition precedent for leasehold property is State Consent approval being obtained.

Upon the full settlement of the Purchase Consideration, the handover of vacant possession of warehouse or factory for sale from Vendor to Purchaser will occur.

For factory or warehouse for rent as well as factory or warehouse for sale, payment of Booking Deposit can be made via bank transfer to the bank account of the Registered Real Estate Agent holding as stake holder for the transaction.

Alternatively, the payment can be made to Solicitors acting for the Purchaser/ Vendor who is holding the payment as a stakeholder until the completion of the transaction before the funds are being released to the Vendor.
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