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Managed Industrial Park – The Next Step Forward

Managed Industrial Park – The Next Step Forward

The recently launched of the Selangor Guidelines for Development of Industrial Park based on the concept of Managed Industrial Park will leapfrog the Industrial Park Development in the most preferred industrialised investment state in Malaysia. Among the MIP in Selangor include ECO Business Park V in Puncak Alam, Elmina Business Park in Sungai Buloh as well as UMW High Value Manufacturing (HWM) Park in Serendah.

Given the mushrooming of industrial park development by developer jumping on the bandwagon to open up new industrial park, this guideline is timely as it allows a planned industrial park to be differentiated from a managed industrial park. This latest development augurs well to Industrial Property Investors / Users looking for Industrial Land for Sale or Warehouse / Factory for Sale as well as Warehouse / Factory for Rent.

A Managed Industrial Park (MIP) is a centralized and gated industrial park with proper access control to the industrial park as well as has common area which is managed and maintained by the Industrial Park Manager. A maintenance fee will be imposed on industrial facility owner or tenant which will be deposited into the maintenance account which is set up by the Industrial Park Manager to cover the maintenance cost of the MIP.

The difference between MIP from the ‘normal’ industrial park is the current practice whereby the developer develops the industrial park and surrenders the industrial park to the local authority for maintenance purposes. Hence, the MIP Developer doubles up as the Industrial Park manager to ensure the needs and specifications of the industrial facility owner is catered for in an efficient, effective and systematic manner.

The development of MIP ensures that the industrial park is conducive and duly equipped with complete infrastructure, utilities and supporting amenities such as community centre / business support centre, centralized labour quarters / hostel and perimeter fencing of the industrial park amongst others. This can be achieved via the presence of the MIP to address the overall maintenance of the industrial park.

Components of MIP Development

a) The development planning process for development proposals shall refer to and adopt the Selangor State Planning Standards Guidelines as well other guidelines adopted (e.g. the Planning Guidelines Utility Facility Routes, Open Space and Area Planning Guidelines Recreation, etc.).

b) Among the development components and the status of the development components MIP areas are as follows;-

MIP Area Components

Bil Proposal Components Development Concept of Mip
Strata Not Strata
Landed Strata Multi-Storey Strata Individual Title Block Title
Preparation Maintain Preparation Maintain
1. Land area Minimum area: 200 acres or subject to an acreage proposed by the developer
2. Fenced & Guarded √ & Opt *Guarded for individual title
3. Emergency Services (Volunteer fire brigade/ Police assistance/ Ambulance) Opt Opt Opt Opt
4. Crime element Prevention Through Environmental Design (CEPTED)
5. Workers’ Dormitory Centralized
6. Road (Road Concrete/ Material appropriate)
7. Drainage
8. Public Lighting
9. Devices for Road Security
10. Slope *Basic Maintenance (drainage/grass/berm drain)
11. Water Catchment Pool/ Floods Opt Opt
12. Rain Water Collection System (SPAH)
13. Centralized Truck Parking/Depot Lorry
14. Walkway and Bicycles
15. Incoming Substation Main (PMU) / Substation Main Divider (PPU) / Switch System Main (SSU) / Electrical substations (PE) Opt
16. Alternative Energy Supply (Solar etc.) Opt Opt Opt Opt
17. Support Energy Generator (Generator) Opt Opt Opt Opt
18. Suction Tank / Water tank Opt
19. Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant Opt Opt
20. Centralised Waste Water Treatment Plant Opt Opt Opt Opt
21. Gas Supply Opt Opt Opt Opt
22. Telecommunications & Internet (Fiber Optics) √ >30mbps √ >30mbps √ >30mbps √ >30mbps
23. Communication Transmitter site (Telco) Opt Opt
24. Utility Reserve
25. Club house Recreation Facilities Opt Opt
26. Landscape & Green Area
27. Food court
28. Commercial center Opt Opt
29. Information Center & Services/ Command Center ( Industrial Park Management Office )
30. Employee Transportation Services Opt Opt Opt Opt
31. Data Management Center
32. Public Cleaning Services Opt Opt
33. Solid Waste Transfer Station
34. Domestic Waste Management Services
35. Industrial Waste Management Services Opt Opt Opt Opt
36. Application of elements of Low Carbon City Facilities
37. Application of elements of Universal Design Guideline
38. Application of Elements of Smart City
39. Low Carbon City – Charging Station for EV vehicles – Concept Park & Ride

It is hoped that the MIP will transform the development of industrial park and ensures the incoming supply into the industrial property market is consistent with today’s needs for industrial land for salewarehouse/ factory for sale as well as warehouse / factory for rent.

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